Frank Jordan

Frank Jordan is a band from Sacramento, not a guy. A band that plays loud and dynamic indie rock on the fringe of a mental breakdown, Frank Jordan is driven by three longtime friends who are no stranger to the trails of Lewis and Clark. During their travels they’ve shared the stage with such acts as Grandaddy, Jimmy Eat World, Mike Watt, Jason Lowenstein, Hella, the Elected, and the Paperchase. This band is probably playing near you soon. Do yourself a favor and go see them.

Frank Jordan plays rock and roll, they’re good at it. People all over the US have witnessed how refreshing and unique this band is live, others have compared them to the Minutemen on pain killers. They write beautiful melodies, and beat the shit out of their instruments. If you like under the radar rock and roll, check out Frank Jordan when they come to your town. Please visit their own web site too.


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