Monsieur Leroc

You could wonder what it would sound like if Curtis Mayfield used Pro Tools and had a penchant for Underground Hip-Hop or you could just as easily listen to the latest and greatest release from Monsieur Leroc. Leroc’s music has been used in such TV shows as Malcolm in the Middle, CSI Miami, and Commander in Chief.

“Monsieur Leroc I’m Not Young, But I Need The Money (Rating: 4) (Cornerstone R.A.S.) Monsieur’s a cold German from Stuttgart, but that doesn’t stop the funk from flowing through his veins. Residing in Sugar Hill, NYC might have rubbed off, but hosting AWOL One, 2 Mex and Courtney Mace as album guests doesn’t hurt. Neo-soul, Money Mark trickery, crooning Quincey Jones R&B and Ella Fitzgerald jazz collide on Leroc’s third pastiche release, a lilting deconstruction of multiple music forms that’s extra smooth. Somewhere between the sampladelic, organized chaos of DJ Shadow or Cut Chemist, and the funky white boy electro-hop of Jamie Lidell, lies Leroc. “Me So Hungry,” a song about beef, pork, chicken and butter, evokes Diggable Planets at their oddball finest. “Great Balls” drills the Jerry Lee Lewis hook into your head, while a Kravitz imitator swoons about hot women. And “Pacemaker” copy and pastes lo-fi Supremes hotness over those old ”60s breaks records in your basement. Hip-hop to the nines!” — URB Magazine



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