Pato Banton

In the Mid 1980’s a young and hungry Pato Banton was making noise in the UK and an integral part in establishing a vital Reggae culture in the European nation. After rehearsals and shows around the UK and Europe and a classic Mad Professor collaboration already under his belt, Pato went on to record his second album “Never Give In!” It is this record that remains Pato’s best selling record to date and the most celebrated by the numerous American musicians who have come to proclaim him among their greatest influences. The Beastie Boys famously sampled the lyric “I do not sniff the coke I only smoke sensimilla” on their Paul’s Boutique record. And, Queen Latifah’s biggest hit “U.N.I.T.Y.” was a direct interpolation of Pato’s original lyrics as well. Everyone from Sublime to Jack Johnson to Damian Marley to countless others continue to hold Pato and his influence in the highest of regard.

After years of chart success and continuous touring, Pato decided to step away from the music business and continue on his path of Positivity. In the comfort of his own home studio, Pato acquired the help of long time friend and top producer Paul Horton to recorded his tenth album “Life is a Miracle”, which gained a Grammy Nomination and clearly defined the lyrical, musical, and spiritual growth of this outstanding artist.

Today, after having his time away from the business, Pato has gained back the reverted rights to his masterpiece “Never Give In” and has selected independent Reggae-loving SoCal based Cornerstone Recording Arts Society, to re-release a 20th anniversary edition of this gem, with updated special packaging and some bonus tracks. And, with great enthusiasm, Pato continues to tour relentlessly, backed by the Mystic Roots Band (voted top Reggae Band by the Los Angeles Music Awards). Dates with Matisyahu, 311, Michael Franti & Spearhead, and the Wailers in 2007 are fine examples of the clout this legend carries and signs of where the triumphant return of Pato Banton is headed.


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